Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality

Stakeholders, Materiality & More

Stakeholder Engagement & Input
The airport’s stakeholders are diverse and varied, ranging from residents to local government to other transportation agencies to business leaders. We engage with these stakeholders in many different ways and regularly confer and collaborate with them. Below are examples of these stakeholder groups:



  • General public
  • Traveling public
  • Passengers
  • Other airport users
  • Airport-adjacent residents


Environmental Interest Groups

  • Nonprofit environmental groups
  • Grassroots citizen groups
  • Local and regional groups



  • Airport Authority Board
  • Airport Authority executive management
  • Airport Authority staff
  • Airport employees
  • Labor unions
  • Volunteer Airport Ambassadors


Public Participation Committees

  • Airport Authority Advisory Committee
  • Art Advisory Committee
  • Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan Technical Advisory Group
  • Airport Noise Advisory Committee



  • Airlines
  • Concessions
  • Fixed-base operator
  • Fuel farm operator
  • USO
  • Rental car operators
  • Other airport tenants


Community-Based Groups

  • Peninsula Community Planning Board
  • Mission Hills Town Council
  • Little Italy Association
  • Friends of Downtown
  • P3 People for Progress
  • Uptown Planners
  • Mission Hills BID
  • Point Loma Rotary
  • Old Town Community Planning Group
  • Midway Planning Group
  • Point Loma Association
  • Catfish Club



  • Local/regional chambers of commerce
  • San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation
  • Small business community
  • Business partners
  • Business community
  • World Trade Center San Diego
  • Tourism community
  • Research and development community
  • Airport-adjacent businesses


Government: Local/Regional

  • City of San Diego
  • Other San Diego County cities
  • San Diego Metropolitan Transit System
  • Port of San Diego
  • Harbor Police
  • San Diego Association of Governments
  • County of San Diego
  • North County Transit District
  • Local/regional elected officials


Government: State

  • State of California
  • California Coastal Commission
  • California Department of Transportation
  • Other state regulatory agencies
  • State elected officials


 Government: Federal

  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Transportation Security Administration
  • Other federal agencies
  • Federal legislative bodies
  • U.S. Marine Corps
  • U.S. Navy
  • Military families
  • Federal elected officials

Stakeholders and other members of the public are welcome to address the Airport Authority Board during the public comment period at any of its public meetings. All Board, Board Committee and Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public, with public comment periods. Airport Authority Board member contact information is also available on the website at

For all major development projects, the Airport Authority follows stated and federal Environmental Impact Report and Environmental Impact Statement guidelines, which includes extensive public comment and public participation requirements.


Materiality Determination


As part of this year’s Sustainability Report, the Airport Authority placed greater emphasis on determining the issues that were most important or “material” to the organization and its stakeholders. This process began with creating an internal sustainability team that included 16 staff members from eight departments to help guide our efforts.


Through a four-day workshop and training on the new Global Reporting Initiative G4 standards, the team identified 20 economic, social, and environmental issues that were critical to the airport’s long-term success. Surveys were then conducted of several stakeholder groups, including: Airport Authority employees and executives, Airport Authority Advisory Committee, concessionaires, ground transportation representatives, airlines and air cargo, and the traveling public.


Survey participants were asked to rate (using a 1-5 Likert Scale) the importance of the 20 issues from their perspectives. Almost 550 responses were received and were “normalized,” so that every stakeholder group had the same weight despite varying numbers of participants. The results were used to create the Materiality Matrix below and guide the development of the 2015 Sustainability Report. All 20 of the issues are discussed in this report; however, more disclosure is provided on the topics that were the most important to both the Airport Authority and stakeholders.

The Airport Authority defines materiality based on the priority of each aspect to the business, our stakeholders, and our customers. The Airport Authority’s supply chain includes facility tenants, along with the goods and services needed for airport operations and construction activity. This report generally addresses Airport Authority activities and does not address the activities of Airport Authority suppliers, tenants, or contractors, except where noted.